How to Make Your Soul Happy?

Yes, it's true.  Check out the "Contributor" page on the Kitchissippi Times, and there 2nd from the top, thanks to a surname beginning with B, you'll see ME!!!  And it says I'm a photographer! And it says what I love!!  And it says I'm a photographer.  I read it on the internet, it must be true!!

Yesterday, also was my Final Portfolio interview with four of my professors.  They had a lot of positive feedback, and when they said "Congratulations Ellen" at the end, it felt very good.  I worked hard these past two school years.  Harder than I ever worked before at school.  I never felt smart in school, at times couldn't believe I was a teacher, but I feel like a photographer. What's the difference I wonder.  

I really believe it has to do with how our brains work.  I spent most of my time at McMaster University completing a Physical Education degree using the left side of my brain, but when I got to use the right side of my brain playing sports, or thinking up creative practical jokes, that's when I was happiest.  I couldn't see that then.  It's taken a lot of introspection to be able to see it now. I believe that is why photography makes my soul completes my right brained body.