A week of real work as a photographer

I have completed my first week of placement with the Ottawa Police.  While I can't speak of specifics, I can tell you what equipment and software I worked with.  I got to help tear down the studio after a shoot, and while their equipment amount does not rival Algonquin Colleges, OP have high quality lights, stands, lenses and cameras.  

I worked on editing some video footage using Premiere Pro, a software from Adobe.  Thankfully, one of our professors had us working in a similar program this semester, so it was fairly easy for me to figure out how to use it after not using it for over a year.  Shout out to Jason Machinski!! It was pretty cool footage of some practical exercises that one division of the OP do to prepare for real events.

I also go to use a negative scanner to retrieve some photos.  This was the biggest challenge of the week, as no one in the office could figure out how to use the equipment.  Hello google and discussion boards.  I found the issue rather quickly, and soon was scanning what was needed to be done.  After scanning the photos, I had to colour correct, and do some other small edits to make the photo look like the actual print.

At the end of the week, I used my old friend Photoshop to edit photos of some award ceremonies for various members of the OP.  No heavy duty edits were required, but I did use a global colour correction and skin tone correction to make the photos look great!

Lastly, this week, the latest issue of the Kitchissippi TImes came out.  I have two photos published in this issue.  One is the Human Of Kitchissippi, and the other is the cover photo of a new hot dog and poutine place in Hintonburg, called Whassup Dog?  One of the perks of photographing them was a tasty hot dog!

Thanks for reading!