Blink, and it's over

I have submitted my final portfolio in the Photography Program at Algonquin College.  Wow.  When I look back, it seems like a few days ago I walked into my first class.  Within the first week, I knew I had chosen correctly.  So here I am at the end of one chapter.  A chapter I feel lucky to have been able to complete.  Here's what I learned:

1.  It's never too late to learn.  Take that night school class.  Expose yourself to new things.  Expand your brain.  I've learned so much these past two years, and I'm better for it.

2.  Ottawa is a small town inside a big city.  I am amazed at the connections one can make here.  This person knows that person, who can get that done for you, who knows a connection for you to track down over there.  I hope the connections I've made will continue to grow for me.

3.  Experts in their field can be great teachers, even without a teachers certificate.  The professors in my program are so experienced in their field, it makes me wonder how they know so much at such a young age. Their love of photography and all its facets rubbed off on me.

4.  Follow your passion.  As someone who has struggled with depression, I can't say enough about how following my passion has made me and my soul feel happy.  Life is too short.  Don't talk about what you wish you were doing, do it.  FInd a way. Your soul will thank you.

I want to share my favourite image I took this year with you.  It was created in my head, and I wanted it to tell a story.  I believe I accomplished that, and I hope you agree.  Leave a comment, if you are moved to.  I'd like to thank Leslie McCue and Lindy Kinoshameg for sharing their time and their passion with me.  Thanks goes out to Sara Cratt for traveling to Toronto with me and assisting me in this shoot.