Life is too short, seize the moment

This weekend I travelled to Whitesboro, New York to my cousin Kate's house.  Kate lives there with her husband Fred and their two children Lauren and Andrew.  It just so happened to be Andrew's 7th birthday, and his family birthday party.  Also attending the party were my Uncle Fred and Auntie Dee (Kate's parents) and my cousin Britt with two of his three sons, Issac and Adam.  Rounding out the family get together was my cousin Amanda, and one of her two children, Fiona.  It was a case of good timing.

Andrew, is nuts about hockey.  We spent about 30 minutes the first morning I was there playing hockey in this super cool hockey fitted basement.

We used the pole as a defenceman with the last name of "Pole", and I was dripping sweat by the end of it.  I miss playing hockey.

One of the best presents Andrew got was a replica Clarkson College jersey.  My Uncle Fred was a star player there in the 70's  he was the captain, and he wore #7.  

Like Andrew, I love hockey, and although Andrew now wears the number of his favourite player, Henrik Lundqvist, I wore the number of my favourite player, my Uncle Fred.

It was a great weekend!