Taking feedback is an art

Over my life, I have received and given a lot of feedback.  I always feel like I've helped when the person receives my feedback in a positive way.  I feel I've wasted my time when the reply is "Ya, I know, I'm working on it", and yet things don't change.  For me, a simple error here or there is acceptable.  However, if I notice multiple errors in multiple posts, and that never changes, there is no way I am hiring you.

Recently we worked on a magazine cover.  Here is the version I handed in to be marked:

I was happy with it.  I worked hard with the pen tool to recreate the exact masthead for TATTOO magazine.  I did some dodge and burning.  I added a price code.  I incorporated names of people related to the shoot, all folks at Status Salon in Barrie, Ontario.  I received my feedback from my prof, and did well.  However, she had a lot of feedback....things to challenge me with, things she wanted me to change, and she gave me some suggestions for improvement.  I loved the feedback, and today I used it to create version two:

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