Another day in paradise

Kevin Daly, a friend I go to school with and do a lot of shooting with, once asked me how the hockey game was I was shooting.  I replied it was pretty good.  When I thought about it more, I wondered what would make a hockey game bad to me?

 I've played hockey since I was in grade 8.  I would have played sooner, but girls couldn't play back then.  I was regulated to watching my brother play, and playing ringette....until we moved to Campbellford.  There, they had a girl's hockey team.  My dad agreed to be the coach.  I was in my glory.  I played there for four years, moved to Peterborough, and played there for two years.  Attended McMaster University, and played varsity hockey for the Marauders for four years, one year as Assistant Captain.  From there, I took a break as I completed my Masters at Lesley University and a unique educational program called the Audubon Expedition Institute.  Then I was back on the varsity team at Queen's University.  We made it to the Ontario Championships that year, only to be defeated by the University of Toronto....also my nemesis while attending McMaster.

 I attended the NHL Winter Classic in Michigan in 2014 at the University of Michigan Football Stadium.  The Detroit RedWings took on the Toronto Maple Leafs, and my friend Rose and I sat in freezing cold temperatures in a snow storm to cheer on the Leafs to victory.  To me, there is no such thing as a bad hockey game.

My first hockey team.  Can you find me?  My dad and my brother are also in the photo